I think after Sherlock and John come to terms with their feelings for each other and establish a romantic relationship, they would both assume sex was the next step.
Sherlock and John would both be very nervous. John would spend hours washing, shaving and manscaping, trying to get ready for the big night. Sherlock would spend the whole day buying condoms, a variety of lubes and even a few sex toys, not sure what to expect and not wanting to be ill-prepared. Sherlock is nervous due to his inexperience and discomfort with sex. John is nervous due to his inexperience and discomfort with men.
Finally, they are alone in Johns room, watching each other from opposite sides of the bed.
Neither of them really know what they are doing so they wait, both hoping the other will take the lead.
Eventually, after an hour of awkward silence and a few even more awkward false starts, they decide this is ridiculous. Why do they have to do this, just because they are sort of together now? No point in forcing something that’s suppose to be fun. If it happens it will happen naturally.
And it does happen naturally. After a case involving an on foot chase across town, ending in a gun fight, which Sherlock stopped beautifully with a well placed kick to the wrist while John was distracting the culprit, the two stumbled into 221b, sweaty and laughing, practically high from the adrenaline.
One moment John was offering to make tea through his laughter and panting and the next Sherlock was on him, all lips and hands and dark hair in Johns eyes. How they made it to the bedroom they now shared, not even the great detective Sherlock Holmes could tell you, what with how their faces never separating to look where they were going, but if asked he would definitely tell you it was the best night of their lives.



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